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JerryConfronting criminal charges in California is a daunting task. Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors have vast resources at their disposal and are often extremely determined in their quest for a conviction. If you have been charged with any type of crime, you need formidable representation that will relentlessly pursue justice.

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When your future in on the line, I, Attorney Jerry Schaffer, Jr., can provide:

  • The highly skilled and aggressive advocacy you require for your defense
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Qualifications as a Board Certified Santa Ana criminal defense lawyer
  • Nearly 20 years of experience as a f ormer OC Senior Deputy DA
  • Unmatched accumulation of criminal law knowledge and courtroom experience
Each moment you delay in obtaining assertive representation provides the state with unhindered time to construct a case against you! Don't hesitate. Contact my office for a free case evaluation.

Why work with a Criminal Law Specialist?

While many firms throughout the state practice criminal law, only the elite few are designated as California criminal law specialists. The rigorous standards for the designation prevent many attorneys from ever reaching this highly regarded achievement. Much more than just a simple exam, attorneys who become Board Certified specialists must demonstrate a high level of courtroom success and expertise.

The California board certification requirements are designed to evaluate and recognize attorneys who have an exceptional combination of legal knowledge and skill. These requirements include:

  • Wide range of courtroom experience, including hearings, jury trials, and appeals
  • Advanced level of criminal law knowledge
  • Recommendations from legal peers, including judges and previous opposing counsels

Former Prosecutor Fighting for You

Before founding my firm, I spent nearly 20 years as a prosecutor with the Orange County District Attorney's Office handling numerous complex cases. I know the criminal justice system inside and out, which equips me with an invaluable advantage when I construct your defense. My unique insight into prosecutorial procedures provides me with the ability to anticipate their tactics and negate their strategies.

I can offer hard-hitting representation for all types of criminal cases, including:

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If you have been criminally charged or if you have reason to believe you are under investigation, you need to obtain forceful representation as soon as possible. I recognize that uncertainty about your future can place you under tremendous stress. Let me protect you rights so you can look positively toward the future.

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