• Arrested for DUI: What Happens After Being Charged?

    || 28-Jul-2015

    Being charged with a crime can be a stressful and confusing time, especially if you are facing a DUI charge. You may be wondering about the repercussions and what the next steps to take are. Your case first will first be heard during an arraignment. What Happens During Arraignment? During the arraignment, you will be formally charged with the crime and then you will be prompted how to plead to the ...
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  • Search and Seizure: Know Your Legal Rights

    || 21-Jul-2015

    The Fourth Amendment gives all U.S. citizens legal protection of your privacy from unnecessary search and seizures. Police officers and other government employees must have a reasonable explanation as to why they have decided to stop or arrest you. This prohibits these officials from acting on a “hunch” or bias. Otherwise, a warrant will need to be obtained before a search can take ...
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