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You may have heard the phrase "assault and battery" used to describe various physical altercations because many states use the terms interchangeably. In California, however, the two are considered separate crimes, each with their own set of penalties upon conviction. Simply put: Assault is the attempt to physically harm another individual, while battery involves actual physical contact. Battery can also be "completed assault."

If you are facing any type of battery allegations, it is imperative that you retain skilled legal counsel immediately to protect your rights, reputation, and freedom! At The Law Offices of Jerry Schaffer, Jr., I can provide the aggressive and experienced representation you need to confront criminal assault or battery accusations. Schedule a free consultation today to discover your legal options and begin your defense.

Three Elements of Battery

In order to convict you of battery, the prosecutor must prove three essential elements:

  • You acted willfully
  • You used force or violence
  • Your actions were upon another individual

These facts sound simple enough, but as a former prosecutor with over 25 years' experience in the Orange County District Attorney's Office, I am fully aware of the subtleties of assault and battery cases. For instance, the perceived force of violence does not have to result in actual harm. The slightest touch done in an angry or disrespectful manner can result in a battery conviction! As an experienced practitioner of criminal law, I understand the nuances involved and how the state my exploit them to boost their case against you. I can anticipate their strategies and assertively challenge them.

Defense for All Types of Battery Charges

Battery charges can range from misdemeanors to felonies, each with their own set of ramifications. Penalties can include significant fines, up to four years in state prison, and a possible strike on your record.

As your attorney, I will relentlessly pursue justice on your behalf for any type of battery charges:

Acquire Perceptive Counsel & Dynamic Advocacy

Battery charges can be complicated and require perceptive legal counsel to recognize weaknesses in the state's case and effectively challenge them. As a former Senior Orange County Deputy District Attorney, I have in-depth knowledge of what prosecutors have available to them in terms of charges and sentencing. At The Law Offices of Jerry Schaffer, Jr., I offer the dynamic and unwavering advocacy you deserve.

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