Preparing for Your DMV Hearing

Insight from a Santa Ana DUI Lawyer

If you have been charged with drunk driving in Santa Ana or the Orange County area, it is crucial that you schedule a hearing with the DMV within 10 days of your arrest. If you fail to set up a hearing within this timeframe, you could lose your driving privileges throughout the trial and afterwards.

Why does this suspension occur automatically? When you were arrested, you should have been given a “notice of suspension” of your license, which will act as a temporary license for 30 days. You can prevent this suspension by scheduling a hearing and presenting your case to the DMV. This is different than a criminal case and will not impact your charges in any way, only your driving privileges.

Do not waste any more time! You need to begin preparing for your DMV hearing with the help of a qualified Santa Ana DUI lawyer. At The Law Offices of Jerry Schaffer, Jr., that is exactly what you will find. I am a board-certified criminal law specialist with decades of legal experience. With a background in prosecution, I am well-versed in how the other side of the courtroom works and can utilize this in your case.

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What to Expect in a DMV Hearing

The DMV hearing is essentially and administrative proceeding with no criminal implications regarding your DUI charge. It focuses solely on determining whether your driving privileges will be restored or not.

During your hearing, the following issues will be pivotal:

  • Whether the officer had reasonable cause to pull you over
  • What your blood alcohol concentration was at the time of arrest
  • If you were put under lawful arrest or not
  • Your actions regarding any chemical tests (refusal will result in penalties)

Without proper preparation, you won’t be able to effectively challenge any of these points. When you hire a DUI attorney in Santa Ana who knows how to handle these matters, however, the odds can shift to your favor. Your legal advocate can contest any evidence, cross examine arresting officers, bring in other witnesses, and testify on your behalf during this hearing.

“Can I really win my DMV hearing?”

While winning a DMV hearing is very challenging, having an experienced DUI lawyer on your side during this time can go a long way. More importantly, you need a representative to protect you from the long-term criminal penalties you could be facing. Even if you lose your initial hearing, you have the right to appeal it! If you do win your case, you should keep in mind that this is not the end of your legal troubles. You will still need to prepare for your criminal trial, which requires even more legal prowess.

Whatever the case, be sure to reach out to The Law Offices of Jerry Schaffer, Jr. today for legal guidance!