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As one of the most serious drug crimes an individual can be accused of, drug trafficking carries very severe penalties and consequences. If you find yourself up against these charges, you cannot afford to delay in obtaining experienced defense for your case. That is where my firm comes in. The Law Offices of Jerry Schaffer, Jr. has been advocating for clients for numerous years. As a former District Attorney with a background in prosecution, I understand the serious consequences you are facing. I am well-qualified to take on your drug trafficking case and am ready to step in to defend your future.

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What is considered drug trafficking?

Many think of drug trafficking as a crime associated with drug dealers or cartels. While this can be true, it often entangles everyday individuals under its board definition. Drug trafficking is any transportation of or sale of controlled substances in excessive amounts. Even if you are simple found in possession of drugs, if the amount is significant enough, you could be arrested for presumed trafficking. In California, drug trafficking is a felony and can become a federal crime if a person crosses state lines.

For example, the following penalties can be enforced in a federal charge involving meth:

  • First offense: Between 5 and 40 years in prison and $5 million in fines
  • Second offense: 10 years to life in prison and $8 million in fines
  • Third offense: 20 years to life behind bars if death or injury results from drug usage

If there is more than 50 grams of meth, the charges will significantly increase, carrying up to $20 million in fines and life in prison. Different drugs will carry varying penalties, depending on the amount involved. However, any trafficking charge should be taken very seriously. Furthermore, you can be accused of trafficking even if you were not directly responsible for transporting the drugs. If you helped or aided the transportation in any way, you could easily find yourself facing trafficking charges.

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