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California takes a hard line when it comes to gang-related cases. Harsh penalties are administered for criminal actions thought to be performed on behalf of a gang. Additionally, vast amounts of resources are solely devoted to investigating and prosecuting gang-related cases, particularly murder and manslaughter. Defending individuals charged with gang homicide requires aggressive and highly skilled representation.

If you have been charged with a gang homicide, I can provide the experienced legal counsel you require. My name is Attorney Jerry Schaffer, Jr., and for over 25 years I was a successful prosecutor with the Orange County District Attorney's Office. I handled hundreds of felonies and misdemeanors, including complicated gang-related offenses.

My experience has equipped me with a keen understanding of the types of strategies the state may employ to boost their charges and inflate sentencing. As a seasoned Santa Ana criminal defense attorney, I can provide the rigorous and insightful representation you need to challenge a relentless criminal justice system. For a detailed explanation of how I can assist you, contact my office to request a case consultation.

Complex Nature of Gang Crime Allegations

There are numerous statutes in the California penal code that apply specifically to gang-related activity. Unfortunately, they are complex and changing almost daily. Individuals charged with any gang-related allegations need astute legal counsel that is up to date on all current laws and verdict trends.

The courts are exceptionally punitive toward individuals convicted of gang-related offenses, even if the individual charged is not an actual gang member. If a prosecutor is able to invoke the gang enhancement law, the defendant faces mandatory additional prison time. This can range from five years to life.

If you are facing gang homicide charges, I can deliver the tenacious advocacy you need to vigorously challenge the gang enhancement, including the following:

  • Dispute your suspected gang affiliation
  • Contest the supposed gang benefit of the crime in question
  • Oppose the legality of the gang enhancement to your case

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From the moment you are suspected of a gang homicide, the state has been actively pursuing your conviction! It is vital that you retain formidable legal counsel immediately to ensure your rights and freedoms are protected. Whether you are seeking legal counsel for yourself or on behalf of a juvenile loved one, I can provide the forceful and unwavering representation you deserve!

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