Petitions for Early Probation Termination

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State law allows for anyone on probation to petition the judge to end or modify their probation. A successful petition will enable you free yourself from the restrictions a probation sentence places on your life. You will need a trusted Santa Ana criminal defense attorney with a considerable understanding of the law to examine your case and put together the strongest case possible for your early termination of probation.

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Qualifications for Probation Termination

Our firm can begin by collecting information on your conviction and assure all relevant information is in front of the judge. You petition can include information regarding your offense, the probationer, letters of recommendation, proof of compliance with the terms of probation, and other material.

To qualify for an early probation termination certain requirements must be met:

  • Your conviction must have been in state rather than federal court
  • You are not currently charged with another criminal offense or on probation for another crime
  • You must currently be on probation and, preferably, you have served at least half the term
  • All fines, restitution, mandatory programs, community service, and classes have been satisfied

Typically, an early termination takes between 6 and 12 weeks which is why you should contact a Santa Ana criminal defense lawyer from my firm as soon as possible to begin your petition.

Get Legal Help for Your Petition

Obtaining an early termination of probation can allow for the underlying conviction to be expunged quicker and also relieves you of the danger of a probation violation which can result in jail time. Furthermore, a Santa Ana criminal defense lawyer from my firm can work to expunge your conviction once probation is terminated, whether it was a misdemeanor or a felony.

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